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Trying to find a style of jeans that I actually like for reference when I go out clothes shopping. for the last 10-14 years i just wore baggies and flares, but have been told that at 30 years of age, thats a no go.

so I’m finding all these pics of jeans, and they are all those moronic form fitting ones that have the ankles rolled up around 3-4 times with the socks visible.  

for anyone out there wearing them *pro-tip* they look stupid. you have to have the physique of a woman to pull em off, otherwise, you look like a fuckin idiot.

Currently writing the opening chapter of an RPG that I’m running for my friends. Pathfinder rules, but the setting is all mine. Creating everything about the world from scratch in terms of history / civilisation / etc.

Made this piece to give a bit of a feel for where their first adventure will take them.

The RPG itself will be 5-6 chapters long, opening one will be 1-3 sessions, but after that, anyones guess how far I expand out the further adventures. The opening is designed to be a stand alone as well, just the ending is changed somewhat. I’m hoping to run it with two groups, one a few months behind the other, so I can see what works and what doesn’t, adjust as needed. I’m writing everything into notebooks, so I can hopefully, when it’s all finished, get it all properly done into one big hardback that I can keep for Role Playing in the future.

(full zoomable version is here : )

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